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EW's Mom Flyfishing for Sierra Mackeral

Ethan Weitz's mom "roughing it" in a dinghy flyfishing for Sierra Mackeral off the coast of Sonora Bay in Jan 1999. She slayed 'em that day.

Palm Beach Dolphin Catch

The catch from a day of fishing. Most of these fish we're caught off of Palm Beach using Ballyhoo or Pilchards.

Sandie and Heather's Big Catch

Sandie and Heather with their catch (Dolphin, Snapper, and a Blackfin Tuna) at Days End.

Sandie with a 30 lb. Dolphin; Ethan with a Yellowtail Snapper

Sandie's 30 lb. Dolphin caught in May 2001 in 200 ft of water on a cedar plug off of West End, Bahamas. Ethan Weitz and his prize winning Yellowtail Snapper.

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