Ethan Weitz has a long history of activities in the community for the community as part of his personal philosophy of contributing towards a better world. The Ethan Weitz chartered boat service and the Ethan Weitz Chartered Fishing Trip are very much part of the community-focused Ethan Weitz philosophy.

Ethan Weitz Charters is unique due to the fact that Ethan Weitz does not charter his boat to individuals. He will charter and captain his boat pro-bono to fish with charitable organizations, schools, hospitals, religious fellowships, and underprivileged children.

Observing the Bass

Sometimes nothing is more fun and relaxing than a fishing trip. You can see some of the fun and fishing success Ethan Weitz and others have had in the Photo Gallery.

As far as arranging a charter and getting everything set up for one of the best fishing trips you could possibly imagine just go to the Contact page for instructions.

Ethan Weitz is a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain with more than twenty years of fishing experience.

Ethan captains a 31 foot Contender while fishing off of south Florida and Bahamian waters for dolphin, sailfish, tuna, and most other pelagic species.

Ethan Weitz with Eric and Eric's first  saltwater catch

Ethan Weitz also participates in fishing tournaments throughout south Florida and has extensive experience internationally in both deep sea and fly fishing.

Ethan is a member of the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida as well as the West Palm Beach Fishing Club.

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